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BabyKicks Hemparoo Washies and Wipes

Price $3.29 - $15.95

Product Details
  • Premium Washies Mitten
    • The ultimate baby washcloth. 
    • Deluxe wash mitten made from soft hemp fleece and certified organic cotton that is ideal for the bathtub or any time you need help with cleanup. 
    • Consider having a few on hand for times when that crazy huge mess created by your adorable little one has exceeded the usual washcloth's capabilities. 
    • The large opening allows for hands big and small to fit inside. 
    • Great for tackling messes at the high chair. 
    • Prewashed measurements ~ 6.5" x 9.5" and will shrink ~15% once washed
    • Sold individually
  • Washies Wipes
    • One side is soft and fluffy for gentle cleansing while the other side is more textured for times when you need help with the messier messes
    • Also great for cleaning up small hands and faces after dinner, or even your glasses or camera lens. 
    • Prewashed measurements ~7.5" x 9.5" and will shrink ~15% once washed
    • 10-pack
    • Made in the USA.

Colors Available 
Washies Wipes - Mix of Assorted Colors
Premium Washies Mittens
(L to R) Purple, Red, Light Blue, Green, Gold, Pink, White

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Washies - mitt opening

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