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Let's Celebrate: 3,500 Fans!

Let's Celebrate 3,500 Facebook fans! 
IBB wants to say THANK YOU to all of our amazing customers. 
For the next 24 hours (or until the party favors run out) please enjoy some goodies!
As always, fine print is fun. Check it out. 

How do I claim my freebie?
  1. Fill your shopping cart. 
  2. Add your party favor that corresponds to your order total (below). 
  3. One of the first 15 orders over $99? Also be sure to add the early bird appetizer (also below).
  4. Selected party favor turning up as sold out? This means all of said treat have been claimed, and it is time move on to the next cater waiter (aka your second choice). 
  5. Check out. 
  6. Await your fluffy mail. 

Fine Print
  • Please note the shopping cart doesn't let me create buttons that don't charge you anything (silly shopping cart) so all freebies will ring up as a penny. We plan to store up all these pennies and buy the shipping clerk a snazzy nametag.
  • Freebie(s) must be in your shopping cart with qualifying order total. 
  • Bitsy Bucks and Newborn Rental Store Credit cannot be combined with freebie offers.
  • Trial packages, newborn rental packages and gift certificates not valid towards qualifying order. 
  • Limit three freebie purchases per household. 
  • Due to anticipated order volume, multiple sub-$35 orders cannot be combined for free shipping. 
  • Freebies valid through 7pm central 1.22.12 or when the trays are empty (aka supplies run out). 
  • Due to anticipated order volume, please, please allow an extra day or three for your order to ship. Paypal will send a shipping notice to your email address provided at checkout when your order ships. If you don't receive that notice, it hasn't shipped. Ready, set, break. 
  • See that was fun, wasn't it? 
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