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LuLu's in the Fluff Glamour Wash

Price $3.00 - $15.95

Product Details
  • If you use Lulu's in the Fluff to clean your cloth diapers and/or clothing, you are using a safe, environmentally-friendly detergent that rinses clean, leaving no residue behind. 
  • Lulu's detergent was formulated out of a need to clean in an earth-friendly fashion! It is made of safe, phosphate-free ingredients. 
  • Approved for military use. 
  • Compatible with both conventional and HE machines. 
  • Free of enzymes, brighteners, dye, fillers.
  • Two formulas available -
    • Regular Glamour Wash - adequate for most water types (white bag)
    • Extra Glamorous Wash - for those with the hardest of water (gold bag)
    • which formula is for me? 
  • Did you know it takes 8-10 washes for a new detergent to become fully effective? That is because the detergent is working on rinsing away what the previous detergent left behind. This is why the Lulu's sample bag is so large - it gives you plenty of detergent to ensure you get a thorough test. 
  • 32oz bag - approx. 45 loads in a conventional machine or 90 loads in an HE machine - just one tablespoon! 
  • Made in the USA

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