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Blueberry Wet Bag

Price $28.95

Product Details
  • The Blueberry Wet Bag is a handy little bag for those times you want to simplify things when out and about with your baby. The front 'dry' zippered pocket is perfect for clean diapers, wipes, keys, cell and wallet. The back 'wet' pocket is lined with PUL, and holds wet diapers. 
  • No need to pack away this bag once your baby is out of diapers - also makes a great gym or pool bag! 
  • Abby adds - I really love wet/dry bags for times when you want to streamline. We especially love ours when traveling or on a full day of errands. All your changing supplies in one place - no need to bring the diaper bag on the flight. Just pack this bag in your carry-on and the diaper bag in your checked luggage. Instead of wrestling with a large bag in a teeny airplane bathroom, you now just have baby in one hand and this on your shoulder. Easy peasy. And nothing to set down on perhaps-questionable surfaces. 
  • Measures 16" x 14" x 3" - holds approximately 8 one-size diapers. 
  • Made in the USA.

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Citron bags are a preorder - expected to arrive Jan 18th-19th. 
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