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Babee Greens Wool Nursing Pads

Price $16.00

Product Details
  • Babee Greens's wool nursing pads are made from two layers of the finest and softest Oeko Tex 100 certified merino wool. 
  • They are 5" in diameter.
  • Wool is highly-absorbent and naturally breathable - making it an excellent choice for nursing pads. 
  • No need to wash between use. Simply dry between uses. 
  • Made in the USA.
  • Sold as a pair.
  • Abby adds - I use wool nursing pads and LOVE them. They are so soft and comfortable, effective,  and easy to use! No need to wash every day. Simply use until they get a bit of a 'crunchy' feel. Then hand wash, lanolize and lay to dry. Because it can take a day-ish to dry post-laundering, it is nice to have a second pair to use in the meantime. However, I made one wool pair work for a year+. I would just wash them on days when we weren't heading out, and instead would use some of my big-box cotton nursing pads (which were bulky and showed through my shirt, so they didn't get used too often). 
  • Customer rave - 'THEY ARE AMAZING! I am not a light leaker and they work great, no leak through, don't smell, skin feels great. I forget I'm wearing them.'

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