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Babee Greens Wool Covers

Price $34.95 - $38.95

Product Details
  • Sweater Wool Covers
    • Babee Greens makes their sweater wool covers by upcycling sweaters, each hand-picked for its softness, always keeping your baby in mind. 
    • Each cover is lined with Oeko Tex 100 certified merino wool, and is one of a kind. 
  • Natural Wool Covers
    • Each Cover is made from two layers of Oeko Tex 100 certified merino wool.
  • Three rows of snaps provide an adjustable fit to accommodate your growing baby. 
  • Why wool? Wool is highly absorbent. It will absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture and is slow to feel damp. It remains breathable, allowing maximum circulation around your baby's bottom. And it is naturally anti-bacterial!
  • Wool is easy to care for! It doesn't need to be washed with each use. Instead, hand-wash every week or two, and relanolize as necessary (lanolin is what keeps the wool waterproof). 
  • Made in the USA.

Size Information
  • Small: 8-18lbs
  • Medium: 15-25lbs
  • Large: 20-35lbs
  • Note - all weight ranges are approximate

Colors & Prints Available

Cotton Candy (cashmere/merino), Raspberry (cashmere/merino)

Eggplant (sold)


Seafoam & Butter

Argyle Pants (sold)

Watermelon (Cashmere/Merino)

Raspberry Ruffle

Truffle Cream

Rugby Stripe (sold), Ambrosia (cashmere/merino)

Watermelon (cashmere/merino), Grape & Charcoal Stripe

Grey Cable (cashmere/merino) (sold), Blueberry (cashmere/merino)


Red & Yellow Rothko

Spun Sugar

Rugby Ruffle


Navy Stripe (cashmere/merino), Forest Stripe (sold)

Buttercreme Stripe (sold), Bubblegum Cable (cashmere/merino)


Butter Ruffle 

Natural (all sizes)

Small Sweater Cover

Medium Sweater Cover

Large Sweater Cover

Natural Wool Covers

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