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Make Your House Green Kit

Use cloth, and ready to find other ways to 'greenify' your home? 
Already use natural products around the house and looking to try something new? 

Price $78.95
10% off if regular retail

Products Included
  • 12 Unbleached Flats (fantastic for replacing paper towels! we cut ours in half to give us even more bang for our buck) 
  • 1 Wahmies All-Day Wet Bag (hang in your kitchen to store used 'towels' - super handy for other kitchen rags - just fill through the week, then grab and head to the washer on laundry day)
  • CJ's All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate - makes a 32oz bottle (also great in your carpet cleaning machine in place of conventional soap) 
  • Rockin' Green Room Medley Spray 
  • Planet Wise Food Bags - 1 Sandwich Wrap, 1 Sandwich Bag, 1 Window Bag, 1 Clear Gallon Bag, 1 Clear Quart Bags - ditch the plastic bags! 
  • Please specify scents you like or don't like in the text box - and I'll pull together something I hope you'll love. 

Specify Scent Preferences

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