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Wahmies Fun Print Wet Bags

Price $9.50 - $18.50

Product Details 
  • All bags made with cute outer woven fabric and inner waterproof polyurethane-laminated polyester (PUL), sewn separately with heat-bonded seams to prevent wicking
  • Bag closes with a zipper to keep any smells where they belong
  • PVC-, Phthalate- and Lead-Free
  • Regular and All Day sizes include a piece of cotton fabric at the inner seam which can be scented with an essential oil, if desired
  • Regular and All Day sizes feature a carry loop to allow wet bag to hang from a door knob or stroller handle (Regular size has a snap closure on the handle, All Day size has a clip closure)
  • Wondering which wet bag will work best for you? Check out this comparison

Sizes Available
  • Small: 9"x 9" (holds 1-2 diapers)
  • Regular: 13" x 15" (holds 6-8 diapers)
  • All Day: 16" x 20" (holds 10+ diapers)

Possibilities are Endless
  • Transport dirty cloth diapers when out of the house, using whatever size best suits your baby's needs (as well as your diaper bag's size)
  • All-Day size uses
    • in place of a diaper pail in the nursery
    • for the babysitter or Grandma's house
    • tote wet swimsuits home from the pool
    • in place of a hamper for your bathroom
    • in the kitchen to store dirty unpaper towels
  • Regular size uses
    • transport gym clothes
    • toiletry bag for travel
    • contain car toys and coloring supplies
  • Small size uses
    • store pre-moistened cloth wipes in the diaper bag
    • as a cosmetics bag in your purse
    • carry your sweating water bottle on a hot summer day
  • Really, anytime or anywhere you would reach for a plastic bag, consider using a wet bag instead!

Prints Available
ACU Camo, Blue Disco Dot

Brown Daisy Dreams, Carnival Bloom

Chocolate Animal Crackers, Chocolate Disco Dot

Citron Giraffe, Groovy Guitars

Hoot!, Midnight Swirl

Shroom Kaboom

Please shop by size. 



All Day

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