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Soap Nuts for Cloth Diapers

Eco Nuts - Naturally keeping your diapers clean and soft, residue-free! 

Why Eco Nuts for your Cloth Diapers? 
A common reason why cloth diapers leak is due to residue build-up. Even if you use a 'free & clear' formula (or overuse a natural detergent), they will still leave residue on your fabric which eventually causes your diapers to be less absorbent. Fabric softener also causes diapers to be less absorbent, or to repel entirely. These residues can also cause diaper rash. 

In short, diapers are prone to residue build-up more quickly than other items of clothing by the very nature of their design - diapers are designed to be super-absorbent. 

Eco Nuts leave behind very little residue, meaning you won't have to strip nearly as often, if at all. In addition, Eco Nuts will remove residue left behind by other products. 

Eco Nuts are also great for diapers because they do not contain any dyes, enzymes, softeners or fragrances - all of which can contribute to build-up as well as possibly cause your diapers to deteriorate faster. 

The saponin in Eco Nuts actually helps to loosen fibers in the dryer, rather than tightening them. This helps keep your diapers as absorbent as they were when you first bought them, even after many washes. This loosening effect that spanonin has on fibers is also why you do not need fabric softener for your diapers to still be soft and fluffy. 

How to wash your cloth diapers with Eco Nuts
in short - just like any other laundry routine! 
  1. Treat any solid waste as you normally do - exclusively breast-fed poop is water soluble and can go into your washing machine; any formula/solid poop should be flushed down your toilet before washing. 
  2. Throw a batch of diapers in the wash, and do your usual cold wash/cold rinse cycle. 
  3. Add the Eco Nuts in with your hot wash cycle
    1. Using Eco Nuts? Put 2-4 Eco Nuts in the bag (if your washer runs really hot on the hot cycle, use 2 nuts). 
    2. Using Eco Nuts Liquid detergent? Use 1 teaspoon. 
  4. Run the hot wash cycle as normal
  5. Set the Eco Nuts bag aside. 
  6. Run a last rinse cycle as needed/desired.

Eco Nuts offers Hints about Diaper Laundry
  • Don't use bleach or borax - bleach will cause both fibers and elastic to deteriorate, and borax will cause elastic to deteriorate
  • Vinegar can set odors into synthetics (ie. microfiber)
  • Tea Tree Oil is a great disinfectant
  • Be sure to always double-check your manufacturer's warranty, as some additives are called out as against their policy

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