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Milkies Milk Saver

Price $26.95

Product Details
  • A fantastic tools for breastfeeding mothers who find themselves leaking milk through the day. No longer will you go through so many nursing pads through the day, or lose milk due to overactive letdown. 
  • The silicon Milk Saver slips into your bra, collecting milk from your non-nursing side. This milk then can be used just like any pumped milk.
  • How to use: 
    • Simply slip into your bra or nursing tank before latching baby on the other side
    • Collect milk in Milk Saver's container, or attach your own collection bag
    • Use included stand to prop-up filled container 
    • Transfer milk to your preferred storage container and refrigerate or freeze as usual
  • Why should I use a Milk Saver? Using a Milk Saver is best for you, your baby and the environment. 
    • Save Milk. Your baby gets all the nutritious breast milk you produce. Your body makes the very best baby food, so use every drop! The average letdown is 1-4 ounces. Your baby will thank you for a stronger immune system, higher IQ and less tummy troubles. 
    • Let's face it - many moms start feeding formula because they don't think they are producing enough milk. The Milk Saver helps keep your milk supply strong by allowing your breasts to empty freely. It's also very easy to collect the ejected milk for later use. 
    • You are doing your part for the environment. Using the Milk Saver keeps formula packaging and disposable nursing pads out of the landfills.
    • Save Money. Formula, disposable nursing pads and trips to the store - they all add up quickly.
    • Save Time. Breast milk is the most convenient way to nourish your baby. Breast milk is the perfect temperature, ready to drink and always sterile.
  • Also compatible with milk storage bags
  • Milk Saver comes with a travel case (that also doubles as a stand) - making it easy to transport in the diaper bag. 
  • Milk Saver has received accolades from lactation specialists, pediatricians and breastfeeding moms alike, and has been vigorously tested to ensure zero chemical-leaching and contains no BPA nor phthalates. 

Slip into your nursing tank or bra

Attach your own milk storage bags if you'd like

Travel container doubles as prop-up stand

Use collected milk just as you use pumped milk

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