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CJ's Vegan BUTTer

Price $1.50 - $19.00

Product Details
  • The CJ's BUTTer so loved in the cloth diapering world is now available in a Vegan formula! No beeswax and no lanolin. In addition CJ's removed the Coconut Oil from their Original BUTTer formula to accommodate those who cannot tolerate coconut products. 
  • All eight scents are all-natural, made only from essential oil blends.
  • Shipping note - Because Vegan BUTTer is made with all-natural ingredients as well as free of any beeswax, it is lacking the firmness of the Original BUTTer formula. As a result Vegan BUTTer may melt in transit; this is very simple to correct. When you receive your Vegan BUTTer, simply place it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours (or however long it takes to become firm). Even after shipping, if you find your Vegan BUTTer melts or becomes too soft for your liking, feel free to refrigerate as frequently as you'd like. It does not need to be stored in the fridge, however, and any cool place will suffice.

Sizes Available
  • 1/2oz Sample
  • 8oz Jar - select scents only
  • 12oz Tub - select scents only

Scents Available
  • All Natural Mango, Sugar & Mint
  • Caribbean Therapy: Vetiver, Bay & Lime
  • Frankincense & Myrrh: This blend smells rich and extremely high-end - very deep and mysterious. 
  • Indigenous: Cedar, Sage and Coriander - woody and earthy
  • Intrigue: Orange, Lemon, Petitgrain - Top notes of fresh, sweet and juicy orange with orange undertones. Simply intriguing! 
  • Lavender & Tea Tree
  • Lemon, Sage and Ginger: Lemon, orange, ginger and geranium - One of CJ's favorites. The lemon is prevalent with spicy undertones. Very fresh, yet somewhat mysterious. 
  • Madagascar: Vanilla, Ylang Ylang - One of Abby's favorites! 
  • Sensuality: Ylang Ylang, Myrrh - CJ's absolute favorite. Super-smooth and super high-end. 
  • Sweet Bay Rose: Rose, Basil, Eucalyptus, Bay - This is not your grandmother's rose scent - more complex and amazing. (Abby's other favorite!)
  • Unscented

Vegan - Sample

Vegan - Sample

Vegan - 8oz Jar

Vegan - 12oz Tub

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