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Woollybottoms Love Spell Lanolin

Price $7.50

Product Details
  • Woollybottoms's Lanolin is now available in their popular Love Spell scent (yes, the same lanolin used to give your new WB's their amazing smell right out of the package!).
  • Solid lanolin is recommended as it contains all of the natural waterproofing fats which work best for your wool.
  • 2 oz tin
  • Made in the USA
  • Note: This lanolin is not recommend for use on skin due to the addition of fragrance oils. 

How to Use
  • For a single wool cover
    • Take a pea-sized amount of lanolin and place in a baby food jar. WB likes to melt theirs in the microwave for a few seconds until the lanolin turns into a liquid. 
    • Add a drop of baby shampoo and hot water to the jar. Cover and shake vigorously. This ensures the lanolin is dispersed and will not settle and cause spots on your wool. 
    • Add the mixture to your warm wash water (I like to use the bathroom sink, filled 3/4 with lukewarm water) and wool wash and swish to ensure it is evenly distributed in the water. 
    • Add your wool last, and work the wool gently in the lanolin-rich water for an even lanolizing treatment. You may also take a pea-sized amount in your fingers and work in with your hands. 
    • Then take your hands and work the lanolin directly into your wool. When doing this, also turn the wool inside-out, and really work your fingers into the fibers. 
  • Another great way to lanolize - direct lanolizing
    • Make sure your wool is already clean and dry before starting this method.
    • Vigorously rub a pea-sized amount of lanolin in your fingers. 
    • Turn the cover inside out. 
    • Take care to gently pat the wool and then work into the fibers with your hands. A heavy hand to start can sometimes cause lanolin spotting, which is harmless but not pleasing to the eye (interlock wool is more likely to get spotting with this direct lanolizing method, so extra care should be taken).
    • Especially concentrate on the 'wet zone' area (aka the area where baby's pee pools most). 
    • Take care to gently pat the wool

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