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Woollybottoms Hybrid Soakers


Price $21.00

Product Details
  • Wool soakers have arrived to Itsy Bitsy Bums!
  • Woollybottoms Hybrid Soakers specifics
    • Combination of recycled and new wool - the body of the soaker is made from high-quality recycled wool, and the trim is made from a stretchy hand-dyed merino wool interlock
    • This style offers the best overall fit, unique style and comfort for babies
    • Each WB soaker is trim enough to be worn under clothing, or fashionable enough to be worn alone
  • All soakers come with an additional sewn-in wetzone layer, making them an especially great choice for overnight use!
  • All Woollybottoms soakers arrive lanolized in WB's amazing Love Spell-scent lanolin and are ready to use out of the package. For best results plan on relanolizing your wool on occasion.
  • Love the smell of your Woollybottoms? Get your very own tin of WB's scented lanolin here. Looking for wool wash? See here

New to wool? 
  • A 'soaker' is essentially a pair of wool undies - they pull-on and are designed fit up against the skin. Sewn with plenty of stretch through the legs, waist and bum, it is used over any diaper that requires a waterproof layer and offers an excellent alternative to PUL covers. 
  • Wool does not need to be washed after every use. Thanks to its resistance to odor and rash-causing bacteria, you can reuse it several times before needing to wash and lanolize. 
  • Wool, and in the summer!?? Wool is completely breathable and, when paired with a natural fiber diaper, offers the coolest diaper option out there! 
  • What should I pair with my wool? I highly recommend Sustainablebabyish's fitteds, or even kick it old school with a prefold or flat. OR, if you are having overnight issues with your current nighttime diaper, consider adding a wool soaker over the top. The soaker keeps all of the moisture inside its confines, which means that your side sleeper won't leak out of his pocket diaper, or a compression leak in a pocket will be contained. 
  • Like to read more about the wonders of wool? See here

Size Information
Colors and Prints Available
Each soaker pictured is unique - once it is gone it is gone! 

Mini Scarlett (sold), Mini Stripe

Small 1
On Holiday (sold), Summer Swiss

Sparkle Pony (sold), Coco (sold)

Hudson (sold), Northern Lights (sold)

Sorbet (sold), Pulled Taffy - Circus (sold)

XOXO (sold), Pulled Taffy - Cotton Candy (sold)

Small 2
Goes With Everything, Purple Plaidipus (sold)

Sunny Weekender (sold), City Weekender (sold)

Time to Putter (sold), My First Track Pants (sold)

Cajun Sun, Curious Monkey (sold)

Medium 1
Pulled Taffy - Strawberry (sold), Blue Weekender (sold)

Pulled Taffy - Purple (sold), Banana-Rama (sold)

Sprout (sold), Spring Stripe (sold)

St Croix (sold), Pulled Taffy - Avalee Love (sold)

My Pony (sold), Building Blocks (sold)

Medium 2
Well Hot Dog, Pulled Taffy - Blue Raspberry (sold)

Burgundy Valley, Clark

Avedon (sold), Tangerine Cables

Large 1
On the Green, Raspberry Cable (sold)

Camel, Aruba (sold)

Lake Superior (sold), Grass is Greener (sold)

Roxey, Starry Night

El Yunque, Silverback

Large 2
Katie, Banana Phone

STOCKING at 8pm central, 5/17

6/20 update - All Soakers currently unavailable as we move inventory to our new website. Check back later tonight! Thanks!

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  • Want to check out twice to ensure you get your top pick, and then come back for your second? I'm happy to combine shipping on any orders received within three hours of each other. 
  • Thanks for shopping at IBB! 
Due do the unique nature of these lovely soakers, all Woollybottoms's sales are final. If you find your soaker doesn't work for you, I'm happy to assist with finding a resale site. 
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