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itti*bitti bitti tutto



Price $26.95 $22.90 through Nov 28th

Product Details
  • itti*bitti, a favorite Austrialian brand, is now available stateside!
  • bitti tutto is a one-size diaper that grows with your baby
    • Multiple absorbency levels: the customizable absorbency allows you to get the perfect fit no matter what your baby's age - just adjust the number of layers
    • Hip snaps: these extra (hidden!) snaps ensure a snug fit on any size waist, and never ever do you have to worry about wing droop. 
  • Fabulous design features
    • The internal gusset (aka the tutto's patented 'poop fence') keeps all of the nasties just where you want them
    • The über-soft minky outer is luxurious, yet far trimmer than other minky diapers on the market! All the goodness with none of the bulk! 
    • Color coded snaps inside and out:
      • white snaps = closure snaps
      • minky-coordinated snaps = rise snaps
      • even the snaps on the inside soakers are color-coded - no more worrying what goes where!
  • Use it as an All-in-One or All-in-Two
    • All-in-One: each tutto comes with one set of bamboo soakers - simply snap the inserts into place after laundry time and you have a quick and easy AIO. 
    • All-in-Two: buy additional inserts to make your diaper an AI2 - simply change out the inserts and reuse the shell. Once the shell is soiled toss the entire diaper into the pail. 
  • Note - 'set of inserts' refers to the fact that there are three different inserts included - and you mix and match them to best suit your baby's size and wetting patterns. 
    • Each diaper includes one set of bamboo inserts. Purchase additional inserts here
    • Made in China. 

      Size Information
      • One-Size: approximately 8lbs to 40lbs

      Colors and Prints Available
      Note: Prints are Limited Edition and will eventually retire

       Red, Rockmelon

      Yellow, Lime

      Peppermint, Jade

      Turquoise, Royal Blue

      Navy, Purple

      Lilac, Fuchsia

      Bubblegum, Baby Pink

      Ivory, Silver

      Midnight, Chocolate

      Ayannah, Carnivale

      Ponder, Zeebra

      Select Color

      Select Color

      Select Print

      Grows with your baby!


       Use it as an All-in-Two, simply changing out the inserts.

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