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itti*bitti tutto inserts

Price $9.95 - $12.95

Product Details
  • Turn your bitti tutto one-size All-in-One into an All-in-Two! Simply change out the used inserts and replace with a fresh set. In other words, if the tutto shell is merely a bit damp just snap-in inserts and go. If the shell is quite damp, hang to dry and use again in a couple of hours. If the shell is soiled - toss the entire diaper into the pail and start with a fresh shell. 
  • Available in two fabrics
    • Bamboo topped with stay-dry suedecloth
    • Microfiber topped with stay-dry suedecloth
  • Note - each tutto diaper already comes with one set of inserts, so there is no need to buy additional inserts unless you desire to make it an All-in-Two diaper. 
  • Another note - 'set of inserts' refers to the fact that there are three different inserts. You mix and match them to best suit your baby's size and wetting patterns. This keeps the tutto super trim on every child, no matter baby's weight or age. 
  • Made in China. 
  • Want to learn more about the soaker pads versatility? Check out the video below.

Size Information
  • One-size: approximately 8-40lbs 

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