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Bestbottom All-in-Two System - Inserts

Price $3.95 - $6.95

Product Details
  • Choose between multiple materials, sizes and absorbencies - these choices ensure the ultimate customization and a trim fit
  • Inserts available
    • Hemp/Organic Cotton: consists of five layers of hemp/certified organic cotton topped with a soft layer of hemp/certified organic cotton fleece
    • Stay-Dry: consists of four layers of super-thirsty microfiber topped with a super-soft no-pill fleece which pulls moisture away from baby's bottom, keeping them feeling dry
    • Overnight: consists of six layers of super-thirsty microfiber, designed to fit with either the Hemp/Organic Cotton or Stay-Dry insert of the same size - simply snap the overnight insert in the shell, and snap the regular insert on top (see illustration below). Please note - the Overnight insert is designed to be snapped-in as a doubler only, and is not intended to be used by itself (aka it has exposed microfiber and snaps on both sides of the insert).
  • Made in the USA
  • Looking for Bestbottom shells? Shop here
  • Interested in buying multiple inserts? Check out the bulk packages available here

What Do I Need? 
  • To use the Bestbottoms All-in-Two System full time, I recommend: 
    • Newborns: 2-5+ shells, 12-15 Small (birth-14lbs) inserts, 2 overnight inserts
    • Infants: 2-3+ shells, 8-10 Medium (11-22lbs) inserts, 1 overnight insert
    • Toddlers: 2+ shells, 6-8 Large (16-35lbs) inserts, 1 overnight insert
  • Note: these recommendations are one-day's-worth of shells and inserts. For more days, simply multiply by the number of days you want to go between washing. 
  • Also, choosing the insert for your baby's current weight will ensure a very trim fit, but is not necessary

Sizes Information
  • Small: birth-14lbs
  • Medium: 11-22lbs
  • Large: 16-35lbs
  • Note - weight ranges are approximate, and vary by baby's body type and wetting needs

Select Insert Type and Size

during the day - diaper changes made easy

for use overnight - add the snap-in Overnight Insert for added absorbency

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