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Soft and Sweet Bottoms Hemp Doubler

Price $4.75

Product Details
  • Hemp is a great choice for doubling up the absorbency of any diaper - super trim and incredibly absorbent
  • Many ways to use a hemp doubler: 
    • All-in-Ones and -Twos: tuck between or behind the soaker's layers, or lay directly against baby (hemp is fine against baby's skin)
    • Pockets: add behind the microfiber inside the pocket (microfiber absorbs quickly, but hemp absorbs a ton!)
    • Fitteds and Contours: add in behind the soaker's layers, or simply lay inside the PUL cover
    • Prefolds and Flats: fold into the diaper, lay directly against baby, or lay inside the PUL cover
  • Before use
    • Ensure you wash the doubler(s) 3+ times to prep it (washing separately from any other diapers)
    • You can otherwise boil the doubler(s) for 30 minutes (no need to add soap or detergent)
  • Doubler made of 3 layers of fabric (55% Hemp/45% Organic Cotton) and measures approx. 11" x 4"
  • Made by a very sweet WAHM in Tennessee 

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