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Tiny Tush Biodegradable Liners

Price $6.95

Product Details
  • 100 sheets per package
  • Disposable diaper liners have a special dry-weave which allows moisture to pass through the liner and into the diaper, without permitting the wetness to seep back against your baby's skin
  • Please note - a disposable liner holds solid waste to help prevent soiling the diaper, it does not increase the absorbency of the diaper and should not to be confused with a doubler
  • 100% biodegradable and completely safe to flush without harming the environment, toilets or septic system (per the manufacturer; please use caution if you have an old or damaged drain)
  • Sheets measure 8" x 12" and may be cut in half if desired for smaller babies
These sheets have been discontinued (insert sad face here). Please check out the replacement liners available now - Tweedle Bugs Biodegradable Liners. 
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