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Dritz Diaper Pins

Left to Right - Pink, White, Yellow, Blue

Price $1.25

Product Details
  • Sold 1 pair per package (in other words, $1.25 buys you two pins)
  • Diaper pins with plastic locking heads
  • Tested to meet new CPSIA laws
  • Lead-free and safe to use on children's items
  • The sliding locking-head feature makes this pin a safe choice for pinning cloth diapers
  • A sharp point glides through the diapers for easy pinning
  • Each pin is approximately 2 1/8" long
  • Tip: To keep your diaper pins at their best, store the points in beeswax or a bar of natural soap. This will help them glide smoothly through the fabric. 
Keep open pins out of the reach of infants and children. These pins are not toys, they have a sharp point when open and are not intended to be used nor played with by children. Inspect your diaper pin with each use to be sure that the locking head is properly working. Discard the pin if the locking head is not functioning properly. The pins should always be covered so a child cannot get access to the diaper pin. When using diaper pins use great care not to poke the child with the point which causes injury. Always have a barrier such as your fingers between the diaper and child to prevent poking with the point. Do not use diaper pins under the influence of drugs nor alcohol. Always put your child's safety first. 

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