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Registry Recommendations

Congratulations and welcome! I am so excited and honored that you have decided to visit Itsy Bitsy Bums to help with your cloth diapering journey!

Click here to explore cloth diapering shopping lists, organized by your primary cloth diapering need (total convenience, total economy, economy + convenience).

Diapering an older baby (9months+)

Or, consider the Ultimate Birth-Through-Potty-Training Registry

Now, the theory behind the registry suggestions...
  • The Newborn Rental Package provides you with enough diapers to cloth diaper your newborn full-time, washing every two days.
  • The Bitsy Boost provides you with additional diapers to extend your wash time to every three days. It also includes extra covers as well as the ├╝ber-convenient Thirsties Duo Diapers
  • The One Stop Shop Accessories Package ensures you have all of the tools to make cloth diapering successful! From wet bags to wipes, this package covers all your accessory needs. 
  • In short, if you receive both the Newborn Rental Package and OSS Accessories Package, you will not need to purchase anything else for those first couple of months!
  • A Trial Package allows you to test a variety of types and brands to see what you like best. I recommend starting a trial package once your little one is somewhere between 9 to 12lbs. This will ensure most, if not all, one-size diapers will fit, allowing you to get the most out of your trial. If you cannot decide what might be best for you, register for more than one! 
  • I recommend registering for 24 diapers, mixing and matching your selections to mimic your trial package. 
  • The beauty of this plan is that the trial package allows you to test-drive all of the diapers you have been given. If you find a diaper (or multiple) diapers that do not work for you, you simply can return the unopened diapers for store credit to then purchase what does work for you.
  • The extended return policy only for registrants ensures you have adequate time to return any gifts and create the perfect diaper stash that will serve you well over your diapering years! 

The Fine Print
  • Gift purchasers will pay the full price (rental fee + deposit) for the Newborn Rental Package. Registrant(s) will be given store credit for all diapers returned in acceptable condition.
  • I will arrange delivery of the newborn package with you approximately one week before your due date. 
  • You are held to the terms of the Newborn Rental Package. 
  • Gift purchasers will pay the full price (rental fee + deposit) for the Trial Package. Registrant(s) will be given store credit for any diapers returned in acceptable condition from the trial package.
  • You are held to the terms of the Cloth Diaper Trial Package. 
  • You decide when you would like to start the Trial Package. Simply call me to arrange delivery of your diapers.
  • All registry items (with the exception of the rental and trial package items) must be returned new-in-package to received store credit. 
  • For more information about Itsy Bitsy Bum's registry, please click here
  • For more information about Itsy Bitsy Bum's store policies, please click here

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