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In-Home Consulting

Need a cloth diaper fairy godmother to land on your doorstep? 

With every $100 spent at Itsy Bitsy Bums you earn thirty minutes of in-home cloth diaper consulting with yours truly! 

This assistance can be used for
  • hand-delivery of your diapers
  • laundry routine advice
  • troubleshooting problems
  • organizing diapers in the nursery 
  • getting the best fit on your little one
  • almost anything diaper related!
If you do not meet the minimum purchase requirements, or would like additional in-home consulting later on, you can purchase consulting time at $10 for 30 minutes. Contact me today get the ball rolling! 

The Fine Print (because isn't there always some fine print?)
  • In-home time must be used within forty-five days of diaper(s) purchase
  • Purchases over $100 can be broken apart in $100 increments if you choose (ie. a $300 purchase will earn either one 1.5-hour visit, or three 30-minute visits).
  • I will drive 30 minutes from zip code 64110 for free before deducting driving time from your in-home time.
  • If required, you can purchase additional consulting time to cover further driving or more time with you. (I suppose in theory you could purchase $280 consulting credits and have me on your doorstep in Minneapolis (aka 14 hours or roundtrip). Sorry Mom to disappoint, but that isn't quite how it works!) If you are fairly local feel free to contact me to discuss in-home consulting! 
  • Please note, I am not a doctor nor an amateur plumber and will not diagnose rashes nor install your diaper sprayer. I will do my best to trouble shoot if your little one is having diaper-area issues, but always contact a medical professional if you are concerned. Once diagnosed, I am happy to help ensure you can successfully cloth diaper through it. 
  • If I feel uncomfortable at any time I reserve the right to cancel or end the appointment. If that should ever happen I will call you to reschedule our appointment for a public meeting place.
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