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Peachy Green Switcheroo 2.0 Cover-n-2

Price $14.95 - $15.95
Introductory Pricing $13.50 - $14.50

Product Details 
  • Switcheroo Cover-n-2 works five different ways! 
    • Cover with fasted prefold, contour or flat
    • Cover with fitted diaper
    • All-in-Two system (AI2) with trifolded prefolds or padfolded flats
    • AI2 system with cloth or disposable inserts
    • AI2 system with Peachy Green inserts (purchased separately) 
  • Features of the 2.0 design
    • Wing snaps are covered (all but the far end, which will go over the diaper/insert)
    • Baby-Soft Binding is durable - it doesn't pill when washed with hook & loop or microfiber - and the narrower binding offers and updated and polished appearance
    • Hidden insert snaps for Peachy Green One-Size Bamboo Inserts (sold separately) 
    • Fit - Size 1 is the same size as typical one-size covers, and Size 2 is for older/larger toddlers when it is often difficult to find anything large enough

Size Information
note - the covers are sized generously to fit over even bulky fitteds - when used over trimmer inserts you will find they fit an even wider weight range. 

Colors and Prints Available
Bitty Bots
Bubblegum Dots
Cars Goin' Round
Fawn's First Spring
Please shop by size. 

Size 0

Size 1

Size 2

Peachy Green Bamboo Inserts - Select Insert Quantity

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