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Upsies Diapers

Upsies Diapers

Price $19.95 - $27.95

Product Details
  • Beautiful All-in-Two shells! Yes, you can reuse this cuteness! The shells are lined with fleece, which means it repels moisture back into the absorbent inner. Simply lay your favorite absorbent inner in the shell, and you are set. At diaper change time, toss the used insert into your pail and replace with a clean insert. 
  • Made in the USA by an amazing WAHM - Teresa. 

Size Information
  • Long One-Size: fits approximately 14-40lbs
  • has longer wings and a taller rise than the average one-size diaper

Diapers Available
Red With White Eyelet Ruffles

Scottie Dogs Ruffles (note - the coloring is off - it is red, not pink)

Peaceful Birds

Elephants on Parade

Stalking Tips
  • Shopping cart operates as 'Paypal confirm,' meaning the diaper isn't yours until you've completed checkout.  
  • Shopping carts with drop-down options will appear at 12:30am eastern. You will see two drop-downs, the first to choose your insert and the second to choose your diaper. 
  • There are just a few of these, so shop fast if you want to get the one you want. Happy to combine shipping on orders that are placed within an hour of each other. 

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Shell lined with fleece - this repels moisture back to the insert, allowing you to reuse the shell through multiple diaper changes

Fold-over rise and cross-over wings allow diaper to grow with your baby

Fold-over rise

 Rise unfolded

Insert Options

Need a stay-dry option? Flip Stay-Dry insert tucks neatly into the shell.

Flip Organic Insert

Pad Folded OsoCozy Unbleached Flat

Trifolded OsoCozy Better Fit Prefold - Premium Size

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