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Eco Sprout Detergent

Price $1.75 - $24.98 
Last call Pumpkin Spice - save 20% on this seasonal goodness!

Product Details
  • Eco Sprout Detergent is an eco-friendly, all-natural detergent that's great for your entire family, and safe for cloth diapers and those with sensitive skin. 
  • It will clean and disinfect your diapers while rinsing clean.
  • No more battling with eye-watering ammonia smells, as Eco Sprout dramatically helps neutralize the odor. 
  • Eco Sprout's array of scents all smell lovely in your laundry room, but are designed to safely wash out of your diapers and clothing and leave nothing behind. 
  • Safe for both regular and high-efficency machines. 
  • Detergent is free of dyes, brighteners, enzymes, phosphates and is SLS-free. 
  • For thorough washing instructions, please see below. 
  • Made in the USA.

Size Information
  • 2oz Sample Bag: 2 - 4 loads
  • 24oz Bag: 24 - 48 loads
  • 48oz Bag: 48 - 96 loads
  • 96oz Bag: 96 - 192 loads

Scents Available

Fresh Linen
Crisp and clean, reminiscent of linen sheets drying in the sun with refreshingly light hints of apples, kiwis and violets. 

Warm Vanilla Sugar

A wonderfully sweet, warm and comforting scent with vanilla, coconut and basmati rice. 

Sandalwood Vanilla

A powdery-soft and sensual fragrance which blends the warm, woody essence of sandalwood with creamy vanilla.

Lavender Chamomile
Fill your laundry room with a calming blend of true Lavender infused with chamomile. Lavender promotes tranquility and chamomile has a lulling effect to promote sleep. 

Ocean Blue
Even doing the laundry can be a mini-vacation. Relax and breathe in the fresh, clean and salty scent of ocean no matter where you are! Light and crisp!

Green Tea
Green tea leaves are known for their healing and relaxing effect. So even while doing your laundry, you can enjoy the wonderful clean, crisp, citrusy and rejuvenating scent of green tea.  

In the Buff
Unscented detergent designed for the most sensitive of skin.

Seasonal - Sweet Pumpkin Spice 
A warm blend of molasses, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ground cloves and pumpkin.

Seasonal - Lilac Breeze
If you love the sweet, floral aromas of lilacs then this will be your new favorite scent! Lilac Breeze smells like true lilacs in full bloom. 

Sample Size

24oz Bag

48oz Bag

96oz Bag

The above chart is the recommended amount of detergent for an average-size load of diapers (15-20 diapers). If you are washing a smaller or larger load, you can adjust the amount of detergent accordingly. 

First Time Users: 
If this is the first time using Eco Sprout detergent, we highly recommend you soak your diapers Eco Sprout's detergent first. This will help draw-out any build-up left behind from other detergents including soap, grime, minerals and softeners that are deep inside your diapers and inserts. This will also help to prevent rashes that can occur when switching or mixing detergents. 

Soaking is easy!
  1. Fill a tub, washing machine, sink or bucket with enough hot water in which to fully submerge your diapers. If you have an HE-machine, the tub method usually works best in order to get in enough water. 
  2. Use 3-4 tablespoons of Eco Sprout detergent mixed in with the hot water - less detergent if you are soaking fewer diapers. 
  3. Add all your diapers and inserts and let them soak for 3-5 hours. If you have time, an overnight soak is recommended. 
  4. Drain all the water from the tub or washing machine. 
  5. Wash all the diapers and inserts again with 1-2 hot water washes/cold rinses using no detergent at all. 
  6. This will completely rinse your diapers and they will be nice and clean. 
Once this is done, you may continue to wash the diapers with your normal wash routine. 

Basic Washing Instructions
Have you already done the Eco Sprout soak for the first-time users? Then you are ready to begin washing your diapers as normal. 
  1. Cold wash/cold rinse. 
  2. Hot wash + Eco Sprout detergent. Use the recommended amount of detergent shown the chart above. 
  3. Final rinse as necessary

FAQs, Tips and Tricks
  • Do you have hard water? Hard water contains more minerals than regular water. These minerals neutralize a portion of the detergent balancing out the PH of the water. For detergent to work effectively, you need to add more detergent. This will help break down the minerals in the water so that they do not re-deposit back in to your diapers. Start with the lowest recommended amount of detergent and then adjust up as necessary. Some people with hard water find it extremely helpful to add a capful of Calgon to their wash cycle to help soften the water. 
  • HE Machines and Soft Water? You will need to use the least amount of detergent of anyone. Soft water doesn't require as much detergent, and neither does an HE-machine. 
  • What is a Normal Wash Routine? Eco Sprout wishes there was a magic answer, but washing cloth diapers takes a bit of trial and error to find your perfect wash routine. A lot depends on your machine and the type of water you have. Here are a few simple things you should know:
    • Make sure you run enough water through your diapers. This is key to getting a good, clean and effective rinse. In top-loading machines, unless you are washing 25+ diapers, you'll find the 'Large' load setting is usually sufficient. Basic rule of thumb - fill your machine with enough water to allow your diapers to move freely. This allows you to use less detergent and get a more effective wash. If you choose to fill to the very top of your machine, simply use more detergent. And in an HE-machine - the more water the better is always key. 
    • One of the most important steps to washing cloth diapers is to do an extra rinse at the end of the cycle. But only 1 extra rinse is needed. Adding extra rinses will not get rid of ammonia. Adding more than one extra rinse can cause a mineral build-up with hard water and is not recommended. 
    • The amount of diapers you wash at one time is important. Small loads where the diapers float around in the water is not as effective as adding a few more diapers into the wash, as the diapers agitating against each other will help with the cleaning process. 
    • Too many diapers and there is no longer enough space for the diapers to agitate. 
    • At the end of the day, once you've figured out the routine that works for you it will be second-nature, and easy-peasy!!

Diapers Need a Bit of a Pick-Me-Up?
  • Fill your machine with hot water (only enough so your diapers will be fully-saturated with a little extra water)
  • Add 3-4 Tablespoons of detergent depending on load size (agitate water so detergent dissolves)
  • Add diapers
  • Let diapers soak for an hour then wash
  • Drain
  • Run on wash cycle on hot without detergent
  • No extra rinse needed. 

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