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Eco Sprout Breathe Again Pail Freshener

Price $9.75

Product Details
  • Don't have time to wash your diapers but afraid of what's taking place in your pail? Just shake in some 'Breathe... again' freshener into the pail. The freshener is designed to balance out the ph of your diaper pail. As the urea in your diapers converts to ammonia, 'Breathe... again' helps in neutralizing it naturally while leaving behind a yummy scent. 
  • Worried about the freshener going in to the laundry with your diapers? No need to worry! 'Breathe... again' will not adversely affect your current wash routine, and only improve it!
  • 16oz container

Scents Available
  • In the Buff
  • Baby Powder
  • Ocean Blue
  • Fresh Linen
  • Lavender Chamomile 

Select Scent

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