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BuBuBeBe One-Size Bamboo Fitteds

Price $31.00 - $33.00

Product Details
  • A one-size fitted with unique snap-as-you-grow soaker system. The soaker system allows this diaper to work as a day or night diaper. With all three soakers in, you have twelve layers of absorbency! 
  • Each diaper is constructed of three parts - the outer knit or minky, the hidden layer of bamboo fleece, and the inner layer of organic bamboo velour. 
  • Please note - to be waterproof this diaper does require a cover. Ok Abby, if this requires a cover then why is it so cute? Good question, friend. Because this diaper is so absorbent, it can be used around the house coverless. This allows the skin to breathe while simultaneously offering some cuteness. 
  • Should I get serged ($31.00) or turned & topstitched ($33.00)?
    • Serged offers a trimmer fit through the legs and waist
    • Turned & Topstitched (aka T&T) is a cleaner finish, and those with sensitive little ones might fine this finish more gentle against the skin
    • If you have no strong preference between the two, then go for the print you like the most! 
  • Should I get OBV (aka Organic Bamboo Velour) or CV (aka Cotton Velour)
    • Personal preference, really - OBV is squisher to the touch, but some report it loses softness with time, and is more absorbent inch-for-inch over CV. CV is not initially as soft to the touch as OBV, but also will not lose much softness with time. 
  • Sewn in Canada by the amazing WAHMs of Bububebe (aka 'B4'). 

Size Information
  • One-Size: approx. 8lbs - 35lbs
    • Small Rise: approx. 14.5"
    • Medium Rise: approx. 15.5"
    • Large Rise: approx. 18"

Colors and Prints Available
All Solid Velours are available in both Serged and T&T. Solid velours have matching inners. 
All Minky Prints are in T&T only and have natural OBV inners. 

Wild Child
Aqua OBV
Fuchsia CV
Tiger Minky (OBV inner)
Flower Child (OBV inner) - sold
Purple OBV

We All Scream for Ice Cream
Rose OBV
Owls Minky (OBV inner) - sold
Bubblegum OBV
Spring Green OBV
Pink & Lime Bubbles Minky (OBV inner) 

April Shower Bring Mod Flowers
Balloon Party Minky (with OBV inner) 
Lemon OBV
Sage CV
Green CV

Give it the Old College Try
Whales Minky (with OBV inner) - sold
Royal CV
Red CV
Olive CV

Orange Crush
Seafoam OBV
Owls Minky (with OBV inner) - sold
Orange CV - T&T sold, Serged still available
Yellow CV
Blue Elegance Minky (with OBV inner)

Wild Child

We All Scream for Ice Cream

April Shower Bring Mod Flowers

Give it the Old College Try

Orange Crush

Stocking & Stalking Details
Where are the diapers?
All diapers will stock 5/21 at 8pm central. What this means, until then the stocking the page will still appear like it does now. At 8pm, the dropdown buttons will appear. 

Did I get it? 
The diaper is yours once you have completed checkout through Paypal. Just having the diaper in your cart does not mean you necessarily have it. In the case of oversells - the diaper will go to the first purchases through Paypal, and subsequent sales of said print will be refunded. I apologize in advance if this does happen.

Choose, and choose wisely
Due to the high demand expected for these diapers, NO ORDER CANCELLATIONS will be accepted. 

Buying multiples?
Yes, shipping will be combined for any orders received with an hour of each other.  As always, free domestic shipping on orders $35+.

Thanks and happy stalking!!

Snap-down Rise

Once rise is snapped-down - second row of waist snaps so you can still get a fantastic fit on a small baby

With rise unsnapped, and all three soakers snapped in

With rise snapped down, and one soaker snapped in

With rise snapped down, and two soakers snapped in 

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