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Preloved Diaper Rental FAQs

This page answers Preloved-Rental-specific questions. For general FAQs (timing, shipping, returns, etc), please check out this FAQ page

These diapers are used, yes? Are they stained? In bad shape? What can I expect? 
Yes, 'preloved' is euphemism for 'used,' I'll admit (but don't you think it sounds nicer?). The diapers might have some staining, although the cleaning they go through between users removes 80-90% of stains. Any remaining stains are quite faint, and will continue to fade with subsequent washes once the diapers are incorporated into your stash. 

What do I have to do to get it ready? Strip? Sanitize? Blowtorch? 
While these diapers sport an inexpensive price tag, they still match IBB's high quality standards. Each rental is stripped and sanitized when it comes back to us, meaning all you have to do is unpack the box!

How many times have these diapers been used? 
Every time a New-Diaper Rental comes back to us, it is then flipped and added into the Preloved inventory. This means you might be getting a package that has only been used once before, or you might get a package that has been in circulation for a year or more. Chances are, the package you'll get will be a mix of these days. 

As each rental comes back it is inspected, and any goods that are not 'Good Used Condition' or better are pulled from service. This often means covers have only been used by one customer, maybe two if the first two customers both took great care of the covers. You might also be one of the lucky folks who gets entirely new covers. 

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