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Flip Training Pants

Price $17.95 - $34.95

Product Details
  • Training Pants designed to grow with your potty trainer, designed with both you and your little one in mind!
    • The one-size waterproof shell is paired with replaceable organic cotton pads - saving money over all-in-one systems. 
    • Organic cotton allows your child to feel moisture against their skin, and helps facilitate understanding (' oh, I feel wet, so if I don't want to feel wet then I should try to hold my potty in' sort of thing).
    • Strechy sides allow your child to pull the trainers up and down, just like 'big kid' underwear. 
    • Snapping sides help make messy changes less messy. 
  • Features of the Flip Shell and Inserts
    • Inside of the shell can be wiped clean, so it can be used over and over again
    • Shell has laundry tabs that hold the velcro closed during washing and drying. 
    • Form-fitting elastic prevents leaks
    • Stay-put, feel-wet absorbent cotton inner makes learning easier. 
    • Cotton insert attaches to the shell with hook & loop, and can be folded to match any child's rise needs. 
    • Disposable inserts are also available for travel and times when you want to multi-task your shell.
    • Patent pending 3x3 adjustable snap rise helps shell grow from 18mos to 4T (approximately 20-50lbs)
    • Colorful and interchangeable side tabs allow for almost 200 combinations!
    • Outer Cover 100% Polyester, Side Panels 95% Polyester/5% Spandex, Absorbent Inner 100% Organic Cotton
  • Items Available
    • Potty Trainer Boxed Set - 1 Trainer with coordinating Side Panels, 5 Cotton Pads
    • Potty Trainer Pack - 1 Trainer with coordinating Side Panels, 3 Cotton Pads
    • Potty Trainer Pads - 3 Cotton Pads
  • Designed by a mom, and manufactuered in the USA.

    Size Information
    • One-Size: 20lbs - 50lbs
    • Fits most toddlers 18mo - 4T

    Colors and Prints Available

    Albert with White side panels

    Blossom with Zinnia side panels
    Dazzle with Noodle side panels

    Lovelace with White side panels

    Mirror with Clementine

    Noodle with Mirror side panels

    Sassy with Butternut side panels

    Twilight with Sassy side panels

    Trainer Boxed Set - Select Color

    Trainer Pack - Select Color or Print

    Need Extra Trainer Pads?

    cotton inner (with hook & loop at the ends)
    stays in place while your child pulls the trainer up and down

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