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rump•a•rooz Doll Diapers

Price $4.00

Product Details
  • When rump•a•rooz makes covers, they have just enough fabric left to make these delightful little diapers that your children are going to love!
  • Children love to watch and learn from their parents, and changing their doll's diapers is one of those priceless moments you can share with them. The diapers are a great way to teach them the value of cloth diapers and reducing waste. 
  • Complete with a rump•a•rooz tag on the bum!
  • Made responsibly in China under Swiss Certificate by a Danish Mom-Owned Company

Size Information
  • Fits a wide range of baby dolls from an average of 10" - 16" (fits Bitty Baby, Lots to Love Dolls, Waldorf dolls and many more)
  • Fits up to 13" waist and diaper is 9" in length
  • Very stretchy elastic offers a wide variety of fit

Colors & Prints Available
Bermuda, Crimson

Spring, Whale Tale

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