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Kissaluvs One-Size Hybrid Contour


Price $12.95

Product Details
  • Contours are a great option for those hoping for convenience while still diapering on a tight budget
  • The Kissaluvs One-Size Hybrid Contour is an easy-to-use, economical alternative to fitted diapers, bringing you the convenience of elasticized legs and the freedom of using your own closure means (Snappi or pins, or secure in place using your favorite well-fitting cover). 
  • Kissaluvs signature cotton fleece fabric helps keep any mess contained within the diaper, thanks to its lofty fibers.
  • To adjust the size, simply fold down the rise to match your baby's weight and build. 
  • Soaker made of microfiber, topped with comfy cotton fleece fabric.
  • Soakers put extra absorbency where you need it, while keeping the wings slim, ensuring a trim fit from a one-size diaper

Size Information
  • One-Size: fits approximately 7 - 30+lbs

Colors Available
Top to bottom - Green, Blue, Peach, Yellow, Lilac

Select Color

simply fold down the rise to adjust to your baby's size, then use a cover or pins or a Snappi to secure contour in place

Soaker tacked into place at the back, allowing contour to dry quickly, while still being easy to use

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