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Party In My Pants

Price $9.99 - $13.99

Cloth Menstrual Pads? 
  • Has a tampon ever made you look forward to your period? Does your maxi pad made you smile? Nope. Most menstrual products only make the whole affair uncomfortable. What's up with what? Women deserve better!
  • Party In My Pants will change the way you think and feel about your period. Forget trashy disposables and say hello to soft, gorgeous cloth pads. For the first time you might actually look forward to that time of the month, and when it comes you'll be more comfortable than ever before. 
  • The secret? A period product designed by real women for real women. A menstrual helper that doesn't leak, bunch or feel bulky. And did we mention Party In My Pants pads come in the loveliest, wackiest, cutest patterns ever? With Party In My Pants, you'll be sittin' pretty in style and comfort!

Product Description
  • With seven styles and five absorbency levels and two fabric toppers, you're sure to find just the pad (or pads) for you! 
  • Each pad is an all-in-one design backed with a breathable nylon leak-proof shield and closed with nickel-free plated snaps. Both cotton- and flannelette-topped pads are 100% cotton uppers and 100% cotton inners. 
  • Made by a pair of sisters in Ashland, Wisconsin
  • For a thorough run-down on all the FAQs associated with PIMP specifically and mama cloth in general, please see here
  • Interested in saving a few extra $ on your pads? Check out the package deals here
  • Note - all pads pictured are just examples, and not necessarily the fabric print you will receive. 
  • Do I need to wash my pads before use? Pads will get more absorbent over time so an initial wash or two will help set them on that path, but can be used straight out of the box if needed. 

Absorbencies and Sizes

Liners - Thong, Mini and Luxe
Liners are an excellent introduction to cloth pads. Start your collection with a few for light days and once you're comfortable, add other sizes for heavier days. Liners are also a smart choice when expecting your period. They're thin (thinner than disposable liners!), soft and will save your underwear from a scrubbing when it finally does start. Liners also can be used in combination with a menstrual cup or sea sponge or tampon for added protection. 

Thong Liner
  • Ultra-thin pad for thongs
  • Pad Measurements: 7" long, 2" wide when snapped, tapering to 3/4"
  • Works With: thong
  • Can also be worn as a Mini Liner simply by leaving the second set of snaps undone

Mini Liner
  • Ultra-thin pad for light days. 
  • Pad Measurements: 7" long, 2" wide when snapped
  • Works With: small brief, bikini, larger thong (if you prefer boy shorts, check out the Luxe Liner instead)
Luxe Liner
  • Ultra-thin, full-coverage liner
  • Pad Measurements: 9.5" long, 3" wide when snapped
  • Works With: boy-cuts, full briefs, large bikinis 
  • If you are into PIMP's Large or Overnight Pads, you'll like the Luxe Liner for light days. Great for boy-cut panties or ladies looking for a little extra fabric to love. 

Small Pad
Great for those women who have a light menstrual flow. Some women choose Small even if they have a little heavier flow because they love the mini size. This just means they have a couple extra pads in their stash and change them more often. 
  • Pad Measurements: 7" long, 2" wide when snapped
  • Works With: bikini, small brief, thong 
Medium Pad
Medium Pads work great for women who have a moderate menstrual flow. If you're petite or have a light flow, Mediums also double as a nighttime pad. 
  • Narrow pad with extra length
  • Pad Measurements: 10" long, 2.5" wide when snapped
  • Works With: small or regular brief, bikini, some thongs

Large Pad
Large works great for women who have a moderate to heavy menstrual flow. It's one of our wide pads with generous surface area - this make the Large more absorbent if you need it, but not thick or bulky when you don't. PIMP especially recommends Large if you like a more ample cut panty, like boy-cut briefs. If you want a slightly longer pad, check out the Overnight pad.  
  • Wide wings for boy-cuts
  • Pad Measurements: 10.5", 3" wide when snapped
  • Works With: boy-cut brief, regular- or full-brief, large bikini

Overnight Pad
This big momma is thin yet super-absorbent. Overnight is not only a good choice for nighttime protection, but also for women with heavy menstrual flow and/or postpartum bleeding. This is one of our longest pads and it gives ample coverage at both the front and the back. 
  • Long pad for nights or heavy days
  • Pad Measurements: 12.25" long, 3" wide when snapped
  • Works With: boy-cut, regular- or full-briefs, large bikinis 

Please shop by fabric-type. Note - you can adjust quantities once item is in your shopping cart. 



Front to Back - Mini Liner, Small Pad, Medium Pad

Front to Back - Luxe Liner, Large Pad, Overnight Pad

All pads (except Thong Liner)
front to back - Mini Liner, Small Pad,  Medium Pad, Luxe Liner, Large Pad, Overnight Pad

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