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Thirsties Laundry Detergents

Price $15.50 - $16.25

Product Details
  • Two formulas to choose from - Pre-Wash is designed to be used in your cold wash cycle, and Super-Wash is designed to be used in your hot wash cycle. 
  • Each bottle is 32oz, which is enough for 64 loads
  • Totally HE-machine safe
  • For optimal results, use both Pre-Wash and Super-Wash
  • Thirsties Pre-Wash
    • The only solution custom-formulated by a chemist to pre-clean your cloth diapers and prevent stains. 
    • The active antimicrobial ingredients in Pre-Wash actually rinse away bacteria from diapers, which are often the culprit of residual odors and diaper rash. 
    • 100% biodegradable, completely non-toxic
    • Highly concentrated to reduce costs and carbon output
    • To use: add 1/2 ounce Pre-Wash to your first cold load (note - container has a self-measuring spout)
    • Allergy warning - contains Honey and Natural Lemon Juice
  • Thirsties Super-Wash
    • Finally a cloth diaper detergent that does it all! A wash that lives up to its name: Super! The amazing probiotic component of Super Wash actually introduces constructive bacteria into your wash, which reduces odors and diaper rash. It is the only wash of its kind that offers this important ingredient. 
    • Effectively whitens and brightens without adding any artificial fragrances, man-made whiteners or harmful enzymes. Aka. eliminate the oxygen bleach from your wash routine! 
    • Do not use on hand-dyed textiles! Thirsties recommends testing for color fastness prior to using on dyed textiles. 
    • Custom formulated by a chemist specifically for use in washing cloth diapers
    • 100% biodegradable, completely non-toxic
    • Odorless and colorless
    • Washes away completely - and will not leave any residue behind. 
    • To Use: add 1/2 ounce Super Wash to your hot load (note - container has a self-measuring spout)
  • Made in the USA

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