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CJ's All Natural FAQs


Q: I just received my CJ's BUTTer. It seems kind of separated and grainy, unlike others I've received. What can I do to fix this?
A: Fear not, there is nothing wrong with your BUTTer! Since CJ's doesn't add any kind of stabilizer to their formulation and the ingredients are all natural, BUTTer will sometimes need a little more TLC than we are accustomed to in commercial products (you know, those products with ingredients you cannot pronounce!).

Shea butter will sometimes become grainy due to the heat exposure or fluctuations while in transit. It is not a problem, unless you don't like it. If you would prefer to return your BUTTer to its creaminess, simply remove the cap and microwave the container for approximately 45-60 seconds (if it is a tube, be sure to stand it upright in a microwave-safe cup). Once melted, replace the cap and shake the bottle well (or stir well if it is a jar or tub). Then place the product in the freezer to re-harden and it should be smooth and creamy again. (Interested in the behind-the-scenes? Microwaving the BUTTer melts the crystals in the shea butter and cooling it quickly in the freezer keeps the crystals from reforming.)

Q: What are the ingredients in CJ's BUTTer?
A: The only ingredients in Original BUTTer are shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, lanolin, beeswax, cocoa butter, Vitamin E and colloidal oatmeal. The Stick o' BUTTer has the same ingredients, except there is no lanolin. Fragrance or essential oils are only added if you choose a scented item. For CJ's BUTTer Plus formula (formerly 'yeast fighting'), CJ's excludes the lanolin and oatmeal, and adds sesame and neem oils. (Note: these ingredients are for unscented formulas only - please see further down for information on scented formulas)

Q: My scented BUTTer doesn't have much of a smell. 
A: The fragrance probably just settled. Try warming it up for approx. 45-60 seconds in the microwave and give it a stir. That will bring the scent back out. Then freeze it so it will not get grainy. When it thaws it will be creamy-feeling and yummy-smelling.

Q: Is CJ's BUTTer completely cloth-diaper safe? Even when used when synthetic fibers? Do I need to use a liner? 
A: Yes, completely cloth-diaper safe, and No, no liner needed! It will not cause repelling or staining and washes out easily with hot water and detergent. There is only a very small amount of lanolin in the formula, and it melts away easily in the wash. 

Q: My child (or dog) just ate some CJ's BUTTer? Should I be concerned? 
A: CJ's BUTTer is edible (although not particularly delicious), and is made of food-grade ingredients. If a large amount is ingested, you may notice a slight laxative effect when it reaches the large intestine. However, unless your child (or dog) is allergic to one of the ingredients, you shouldn't notice any adverse reactions. If you are still concerned, please call poison control (this is what CJ's was advised when calling to check). 

Q: Tell me more about the scents and flavors in CJ's products.
A: Any flavors or fragrances not specifying that they are either Essential Oils or 'All Natural' are synthetic, and therefore not 100% all-natural. The manufacturers of the synthetic fragrances do not disclose their ingredients, and are not required to. They are all phthalate-free, but beyond that, it is not known what the ingredients are.

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