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the Lily & Sparrow All-in-One

Because you have more important things to carry. 

Price $44.99 - $51.99 $40.49 - $46.79
10% off through July 6th

Product Details
  • Ever think a product can change your life? This one just might! Why fill your diaper bag with several items when this one can do it all!
  • Simply Coverage works as a
    • Stroller, Car Seat or Carrier cover: use the customizable (and detachable = custom fit!) straps to get the perfect fit whereever you need a bit of warmth or protection from the sun
    • Blanket: well, you know all the uses for those
    • Baby Carrier blanket: works great with Moby wraps, Ergos and more! Simply tie the clip straps around the shoulder area of your carrier, and clip the blanket on. 
    • Try it out in your car for a sun shade on long road trips. 
    • Add even more functions to your Simply Coverage cover with the Complete Coverage Conversion Kit
  • Using the Conversion Kit, your cover becomes even more multifunctional!
    • Nursing Cover: simply insert the boning and attach the customizable strap - you are all set!
    • Instant Bib: attach the adjustable neck strap to a restaurant napkin and you have a bib for those lickity split splats
    • Cover in the laundry? Don't worry, you are still set! Turn any receiving blanket into a nursing cover by simply folding your blanket over the boning, then secure either side with the clip-on adjustable neck strap and voila! Instant nursing cover
    • Your Simply Coverage All-in-One includes: One blanket (measures 30" x 42") and two clipping tie-ons
    • Upgrade with the Complete Coverage Conversion Kit: one satin-covered boning piece and one adjustable neck strap
    • Machine washable premium cotton fabrics
    • Made by a fabulous American WAHM residing in Germany
    • Note - there are a limited number of conversion kits available. If they sell out, yours will be shipped separately, directly from Anna. Also, Cherish Cherries available only as Simply Coverage (it does not have a hidden pocket for the nursing boning).
    Simply Coverage All-in-One:
    blanket & two clipping tie-ons

    Complete Coverage Conversion Kit: 
    one satin-covered boning piece and one adjustable neck strap

    Prints Available
    check out action shots below! 
    (if a print isn't pictured it is no longer available)

     The Newest Arrivals
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    Oldies But Goodies
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    Spring Owls, Great and Small Hedgies

    Eden, Cherish Cherries

    The Newest Arrivals - Simply Coverage

    Oldies But Goodies - Simply Coverage 

    Add Conversion Kit?

    fully reversible thanks to removable boning and clip-on adjustable strap

    easy to pack - one item with so many functions!

    fabric options for every style and decor! 

    The Newest Arrivals



     Oldies But Goodies

    Great and Small Hedgies



    Cherish Cherries

    Spring Owls

    On Track

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