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Flip Disposable Inserts: 18-pack

Price $4.95

Product Details
  • Flips One-Size Disposable Inserts are an easy-to-use, dye- and fragrance-free and the only disposable insert that has achieved Oeko-Tex certification. 
  • Perfect for travel, daycare and those moments when life demands something disposable. 
  • Note - because Flip disposable inserts are trimmer than your usual cloth inserts, you may need to use a smaller snap setting on your Flip cover to keep the insert in place. 
  • Flip inserts are compatible with any waterproof cover that fits your baby well. 
  • Flush solid waste before disposing of insert
  • Insert content: 9g Non-woven Bamboo Viscose, 19-20g Wood Pulp, 2.5g SAP, 1g Starch-based glue
  • One Package contains 18 inserts
  • Manufactured in China. 
  • Looking for Flip cloth inserts? See here

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