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Country Save

Price $1.50 - $18.95

Product Details
  • Powder laundry detergent great for cloth diapers - and oh-so-inexpensive 
  • Gentle for sensitive skin
  • No perfumes, dyes, optical brighteners or fillers
  • Septic-tank safe
  • No animal testing nor animal byproducts
  • Phosphate-free
  • Biodegradable 
  • Full-Size
    • Box includes measuring scoop
    • 80 loads for a top-loader, or 160 loads for a high-efficiency machine (NOTE: these 'loads' will actually increase if you use this detergent for diapers - as you'll halve the recommended amount for a top-loader, and quarter the recommended amount for a front-loader) 
    • Measuring scoop included (you may have to dig down into the box a bit, as the scoop sometimes settles in quite far during shipping)
  • Sample Size
    • 1 load for a top-loader, or 2 loads for a high-efficiency machine (just as above, these loads will actually double, as you want to use less than the package recommends)
    • It is important to note that, when switching detergents, you want to give it a week or two before you judge the efficacy. During this period the detergent is working to not only clean your diapers but also strip away any residue from your old detergent. I recommend ordering enough samples to cover this period so you have an adequate supply.
  • Ingredients: Sodium carbonate, Sodium sulfate, Sodium percarbonate, Sodium aykyl aryl sulfonate, Linear alcohol ethoxylate
  • If your total order is under $50 and you are buying a full-size box, please also add 'Heavy Item Shipping Fee' to your cart. Please note there is a limit of one box of Country Save per order. Any more than one box and it becomes prohibitively expensive to ship your order. 

Sample Size

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