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sustainablebabyish snapless-multi

Price $20.95

Product Details
  • Comfortable. Multi-size. Organic. Affordable
  • The multi-size fitted from sustainablebabyish
  • Made from heavy organic bamboo/cotton terry, so soft, squishy and lovely, with turned and topstitched leg elastic
  • Includes two three-layer organic bamboo fleece doublers for adjustable absorbency. 
  • Pin- and Snappi-friendly (one pin included with purchase) - trim body and long wings allow you to use just one pin to close the diaper, which means faster diaper changes.
  • For smaller babies, fold the rise down, wrap wings around and secure.
  • This is a fitted diaper, and requires a cover to be waterproof.
  • Made in the USA

Size Information
  • One-size: approx. 10-35lbs

Colors Available
Colors Available - from back to front
Natural with Natural stitching
Natural with Teal stitching
Natural with Squash stitching
Natural with Kirsch stitching (note - Kirsch is decidedly pink in color)

Natural with Mocha stitching (not pictured)
Natural with Lemon stitching (not pictured)

Select Color

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