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Pooligans Poo N' Two Sampler & Nighty Nights

Price $25 - $38.50

Product Details - Poo N' Two Sampler
  • Pooligans All-in-Two system - Poo N' Two! At diaper changes, merely change out the wet insert, and replace it with another insert
  • Design (for photos, please scroll to the bottom of the page)
    • Shell: outer layer is waterproof polyester PUL and the inner layer is anti-pill polyester fleece; foldover rise helps diaper grow with your baby
    • Inserts: made of super thristy hemp bamboo fleece and organic bamboo velour, and backed with PUL to keep the insert wetness off of the diaper's shell 
  • Standard inserts are nine layers thick
  • Trim inserts are six layers thick
  • Each sampler is contains: one shell, one standard insert and two trim inserts (aka enough for three diaper changes)
  • Price: $38.50

Prints Available
Chan & Jan Forever

His Boy Elroy

Sam I Am

I Love a Genie

Punch Buggy

Product Details - Nighty Nights
  • Pooligan's Nighty Night is the nighttime diapering solution for you! Super squishy, super lovely, super absorbent!
  • Diapers are Snappi-able or pin-able
  • Note: You can choose to have snaps added to your diaper. If you would like to do this -
    • 1. add your Nighty Night(s) to the Itsy Bitsy Bums shopping cart and complete checkout through Paypal.
    • 2. purchase Pooligan's 'add snaps' option here.
    • 3. email me to confirm I should ship your diaper to Pooligans instead of shipping it to you.
  • Design (for photos please scroll to the bottom of the page)
    • Shell: minky outer, hemp bamboo fleece and beautiful cotton or bamboo velour inside layer; foldover rise helps diaper grow with your baby
    • Insert: hemp bamboo fleece topped with velour - ten layers of absorbency (when insert is trifolded)
    • Doubler: snaps in - adds another three layers of absorbency
  • Price $25.00

    Colors Available
    Who You Gonna Call?

    Pop Goes the Bubble

    Orange Crush


    Grape Soda

    Size Information
    • Both Poo N' Two & Nighty Nights are One Size Fits Most - approx. 10lbs - 30+lbs

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      Poo N' Two
      trifolding insert ensures thorough cleaning and quick drying, along with max absorbency and trimness
      insert backed with PUL helps keep the shell dry through the day
      foldover rise helps the diaper grow with your baby

      Nighty Night
      snap-in doubler allows you to customize absorbency
      trifolding soaker
      completely customizable - fold to whatever rise necessary 

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