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Pork Chop Kids

Leggings + Socks in One!

Price $14.99 $13.49 through Nov 28th

Product Details
  • Wrestling with socks that won't stay on, or layering legwarmers and socks onto a wriggly babe? Looking for some socks to match your baby's leggings? Nope, don't have to worry about that! 
  • These ingenious socks are not only adorable (with every color available you can match any diaper in your stash), but they are also oh so practical. These make a fantastic second layer for your little one's legs! You know those times when you pick your baby up, his pants hike up to his knees, and those calves are left bare from the car to the store? These socks prevent that! 
  • Looking for an ├╝ber-cute outfit option? Consider mixing and matching two different pairs! Some amazing pairings - 
    • Bright Stripe II and Watermelon Dot
    • Neapolitan Dot & Stripe
    • Pink and Blue Argyle
    • Red Hearts and Red Dots
    • If you are feeling especially bold - the pink of Puff Flower goes well with both the Pink Argyle and Neapolitan Dot
  • Siblings? Available in a range of sizes, Porkchop leggings are an a fabulous way to coordinate or match outfits.
  • Made in the USA (love this!)

Sizes Available
  • 6-12 months
  • 1-2 years
  • 2-4 years
  • Looking for larger sizes (4-6y or 6-8y)? Contact me to arrange a special order.

Patterns Available
Blue Argyle, Pink Argyle

Grey/Pink Dot, Brown/Pink Dot

Silver Sparkle, Black Lab

Navy/White, Navy/Grey

Neapolitan Dot, Neapolitan Stripe
Red Hearts, Red Dots

Pink and Turquoise Hearts, Puff Flower

Bright Stripe II, Watermelon Dots

Bright Whales

Shop by size.



1 - 2 years

1 - 2 years

2 - 4 years

2 - 4 years

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