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Happy Tushies Mama Cloth Wetbag

Price $18.50

Product Details
  • Finally! A mama cloth bag with the same nifty zipper technology as a diaper wet bag!
  • Each bag has two PUL-lined pockets which each close with a zipper, and a lovely woven cotton outer that will wash well over years of repetitive washings.
  • These are really handy! The side-by-side compartments snap together, allowing you to store clean pads on one side, and soiled on the other. Or, store pads on one side, and your menstrual cup on the other. Or, come up with a use entirely for you! Toiletries for your diaper bag? Cloth wipes or Nursing pads storage? First aid kit for the car?  
  • Bags measure 5" x 7", making them the perfect size for mama cloth on the go. 
  • Each bag has a snapping handle, allowing for easy closure around your purse strap, toilet paper holder, or any other object that will stand still.  

Prints Available
if a print isn't pictured then it is no longer available

currently sold out - check out Planet Wise's Mini Wet/Dry Bags as a great mama cloth on-the-go storage option

two pockets snap together

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