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Stalking Tips

  • Are they mine? 
    • The shopping cart functions as a 'Paypal confirm' cart - meaning - the item is yours once you have checked out through Paypal. 
  • Multiple items? 
    • If you want to buy items from the regular store, please have those all in your cart before stalking, and checkout immediately after adding the monkeys
    • From 12-1pm, please limit 1 pair of monkeys per customer. If custom slots still remain after that time (I'll announce on Facebook if this is the case), then feel free to purchase additional pairs. 
  • Shipping?
    • Shipping is free as the completed items will all be over $35 (which is IBB's free shipping threshold). However, since the deposit is only $25, the shopping cart will try to charge you. The workaround? Select 'pickup' instead of 'standard domestic' or 'priority.' 
  • I got them. Now what?
    • Jump up and down wildly, you just snagged yourself a lovely pair of custom monkeys!
    • I will pass your contact information along to Rebecca, and she will be in touch shortly to arrange details of your custom. 
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