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Tiny Tush Elite One-Size Pocket Diaper Action Shots

Keely @ 16 months (approx. 19lb 8oz) in a Tiny Tush Elite Pocket
What I love about the TT Elite Pocket is the amazing rise! Especially for those with tall babies, this diaper is for you! 
Here you can see Keely is only on the second rise setting, so she will easily be able to wear this diaper until potty training time. In addition, the aplix closures ensure a totally custom fit around her teeny waist and chunky thighs. Lastly, Keely just had the small microfiber insert in the diaper, and wore it over two hours without a problem. 

Grayson @ 9 weeks, 11lbs, 23 inches in a Tiny Tush Elite Pocket with the small insert
Grey's torso is so long that he outgrew most small diapers almost immediately. This diaper's tall rise helps ensure he will be able to wear these one-size diapers through potty training.

Hannah @ 8.5 months
Hannah weighs 24lbs. Her thighs measure 14" and her waist 18", and she is approx. 29" long.
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