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Diaper Sprayer

Price $44.95

Product Details
  • Make quick work of any dirty diaper with a diaper sprayer
    • Simply rinse the stool off the diaper and into the toilet - keeping your hands many inches from any possible poop-touching!
    • Do not wring the cold water out of the diaper - the remaining clean water will help keep stains at bay
    • Spraying diapers is much more sanitary than soaking your diapers in a wet pail (hello bacteria breeding ground)
  • Easy to install on your toilet - no plumber required!
  • Many other possible uses ensure it will be used long past your diapering days
    • Hand-held Bidet: The mini-shower allows you to sit comfortably on the commode and enjoy the gentle and soothing benefits of cleaning your most sensitive areas with cool fresh running water. 
    • Feminine Hygiene - Fresh cleansing water is the most soothing and enjoyable way to achieve the highest level of freshness for total personal hygiene. 
    • Hemorrhoids - Toilet Paper can be irritating and even painful. Doctors recommend a cool water rinse for any type of edema or swelling in the perianal area. 
    • Pregnancy and Post-Partum Hygiene - The most gentle and effective way to remove germs and bacteria from the vaginal area before and after childbirth. Cleansing with fresh running water is especially beneficial if you've had an episiotomy. 

        E-Z Installation - No Plumber Nor Tools Required
        • Easily connects to commodes without tools nor a plumber - the ultimate easy-to-use diaper sprayer and multi-use wand.
        • Adapter easily connects to bottom of commode tank - The custom-designed solid brass t-connector attaches to the bottom of the commode tank so you can easily reach the pressure control shut-off valve.

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